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614 Exteriors uses the best materials on the market - Atlas Roofing, Ply Gem Siding, and Mastic Home Exteriors by Ply Gem Gutters. Click the button of interest to learn about 614 Exteriors’ process and learn the materials offered. 614 Exteriors now offers financing.



614 Exteriors installs Atlas’ Complete Roofing System. Atlas has 35+ Years of Industry Leadership and strives to be different, unique, and innovative. Review your options and colors below.


614 Exteriors Process of Installing Roofs

Step 1: Precaution

614 Exteriors take all precautionary measures to ensure that your property is fully protected, with the use of tarp and safety plywood, while roof or exterior repair and replacement is underway. This includes but is not limited to siding, walls, plants, exterior accessories, etc.                                     

Step 2: Tear off

All old and damaged shingles must be completely removed for a thorough inspection of wood decking - the base of your roofing structure.         

Step 3: Inspection 

After a detailed inspection of your OSB sheathing (base of roofing structure). All soft, wet or rotted wood will be removed and replaced, along with all wood sheeting - which will be nailed and properly attached to roof rafters. This will form a new stable and solid wood decking. This part of the process is necessary so that your shingles will stay intact.      

Note: If your contractor skips this step your roof will begin to buckle weeks after installation.                                        

Step 4: Installation                  

Preparing the roof surface for shingle 
Drip edge installation. A piece of metal bent 90 degrees is installed at all edges of the roof, after wood decking is prepared, to prevent rain from getting underneath roofing material.                   

Ice and Water Shield Installation
A special type of roofing underlayment that sticks to the wood decking and prevents any water leak. It is installed at the bottom of the roof and all roof penetrations (i.e. chimneys, pipe flangers , roof connections, etc.).

Roofing Underlayment installation
Synthetic underlayment after the Ice and Water shield is applied to prevent shingles from sticking to the wood. 

New roofing Shingle installation
614 Exteriors works from the bottom up laying out the new roofing material. This is followed by step and/or counter flashing, ridge vents, and ridge capping installation as needed.                               

Step 5: The Clean Up
We believe in leaving our job site cleaner than it was when we arrived.

Step 6: Final Inspection
To ensure that the roof replacement is installed properly and that is meets with your complete satisfaction; the roofing replacement will go through a meticulously performed post roofing inspection.


Learn more about the steps and each product by visiting Atlas Roofing’s website


Siding & Painting

614 Exteriors installs Ply Gem Siding. Ply Gem is know for exceptional durability, beautiful color choices, and an industry leading warranty which makes Ply Gem siding the smart choice for homeowners. Review you options and colors below.


614 Exteriors Process of Installing Siding

Step 1: Removal and complete tear off of existing Siding, fan fold and moisture barrier (if present)

Step 2: Inspection of Sheathing to check for any rotten wood (Replace if needed)

Step 3: Installation of Rigid Foam (Extruded Polystyrene Fanfold Underlayment Foam Insulation 1/4") to even walls so siding lays flat and to provide insulation for home. 

Step 4: Installation of a moisture barrier, this will prevent water from entering the insulation and sheathing preventing any mold or rotted sheathing.

Step 5: Installation of channels around trim of home, this will be used to lock in the vinyl siding sections

Step 6: Installation of Accessory Blocks (Water spigot, electrical exterior light, etc.)

Step 7: Installation of starter strip, We follow the sheathing of the house and subtract ¼” and make a caulk line to ensure the starter is perfectly flat and all sections above are even. 

Step 8: Installation of preferred Vinyl sections starting from the bottom of the wall

Step 9: Caulk all areas that are needed, such as windows and door trim. 

Step 10: Final inspection of Vinyl Siding installation to make sure all of the steps were properly followed and the siding will last as intended.


614 Exteriors Process of Exterior Painting

Step 1: Remove any imperfections from the surface (usually power washed) such as chipping or cracking paint

Step 2: Inspection the trim boards to ensure they are in good shape

Step 3: Replacement of any rotten or bad trim boards

Step 4: Paint all surfaces requested

Step 5: Final inspection to make sure all areas that needed paint, paint was applied.



614 Exteriors installs Mastic Home Exteriors by Ply Gem Gutters. Ply Gem offers long lasting seamless gutters, gutter protection, and strong, supportive gutter hangers to protect your home and eliminate the need for constant gutter cleaning.


614 Exteriors Process of Installing Gutters

Step 1: Complete removal of existing gutter system

Step 2: Inspection of fascia board before securing new gutter 

Step 3: Replacement of rotten fascia board and installation of replacement fascia board (painted or aluminum wrapped)

Step 4: Installation of seamless gutters, made on site to perfectly match house (including all gutter miters/corners)

Step 5: Installation of gutter downspouts with straps and connection to drainage system

Step 6: Final inspection to ensure gutter system was installed properly and water will properly flow off and away from the house


If you are ready to choose your gutter color, click on the image to to expand and take a closer look.


Never want to clean out your gutters again?
Ask about Ply Gem’s Leaf Logic Gutter Protection!

Made of heavy-duty aluminum, Leaf Logic keeps debris out of your gutters and water flowing toward the downspouts. Fits standard gutters on both old and new homes, available in 5” and 6” and comes in two colors, bronze and white.