614 Exteriors is the ONLY Atlas PRO+™ Diamond Level Contractor in the Greater Columbus Area and only 1 of 3 in the state of Ohio
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Our top priority is to return your home to the pre-storm condition as quickly as possible

Your roof not only protects the interior of your home but the structure.

Storms with strong wind or hail can damage the shingles on your roof and even could cause falling debris that can damage the roof itself.

Before you pull your ladder out to climb up on your roof to check for storm damage call 614 Exteriors to come out and inspect your roof for you. 614 Exteriors Inspectors wear special equipment to ensure their safety while inspecting your roof and never suggest that a homeowner gets on their own roof. Remember, 614 Exteriors provide FREE estimates. Let 614 Exteriors Inspectors find the damage and show you the pictures safely on the ground.


The Insurance Claim Process

614 Exteriors uses the same exact software insurance companies use to calculate a claim and they do so to ensure all of the components of their client’s roof is paid for by the insurance company. 614 Exteriors makes sure that the your insurance company does not leave out any components of the roof that need repaired and they get on the roof with the insurance company’s claim adjuster to make sure all damage found by them is accounted for.

How Do Insurance Companies Payout For A Claim?

One of the most common questions asked, is “how does an insurance company payout for a claim?” The insurance company will give the homeowner an ACV "actual cash value" check for what your roof or siding is worth today minus their deductible. Once the work is completed, the insurance company will release the final check which is called the RCV "replacement cash value" which is the remaining amount due to make the total given to the homeowner equal to a new roof or siding.